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Hello & welcome!


I’m Jessica Sinclaire, a curvy & cheerful companion, based in Toronto Canada!


I've established a great reputation for being genuine, sweet & professionally discreet. On my path, I've made a lot of life long friends & hopefully I'm most known for being a happy, eager companion & all around Good Human.


I'm a fluid water sign, so I have the ability to fit myself into just about every situation with graceful ease, while still remaining true to myself & genuine with those around me.

Just be present and receptive; I can be your warm gentle lover or your absolutely insatiable, kinky minx! My capacity for affection is 

In either case, my comfort zone is always to be as natural as possible & allow an organic connection to grow from a place of genuine, mutual enjoyment.


In my civilian life I'm a multi disciplinary artist, both abstract & conceptual. I use mixed media with particular taste for water-colour, acrylic on canvas and various resin based bodies of work. 


 You may be happy to know that I've been fully trained as an RMT (though I'm not registered for obvious reasons) Last time I checked; I'm still the only clinically trained, sensual massage provider in the city of Toronto & I’ve now been practicing massage since 2007! So trust me when I say that I've acquired ALL the skills needed to give you a great massage… and then some!


Thanks so much for taking the time to read this, I hope we can meet in the near future and get to know each other on a deeper level.

Love : Jessica

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